At Domino’s we are passionate about piping hot pizza and strive to give our customers the best product and the best service. However, we know that we don’t always get it right - be it a forgotten side or an unevenly cut or topped pizza we understand that it can be frustrating and we are aiming to improve our stores so each order is perfect – every time. 

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We are committed to making every Domino’s meal perfect.
But we know sometimes we can get it wrong  - which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t love your pizza meal, then please let us know. We will happily replace it or refund it. Guaranteed.





Liam Stops knows that customers love Domino’s for our innovative technology, our convenient delivery and the freshest ingredients on our pizzas. However, as a franchisee of Domino’s Rotorua and Domino’s Koutu for more than three years and a Dominoid for 10, Liam also knows that sometimes we let our customers down on what they love about us. This is why Liam is asking all customers to put him and his stores to the test. He cares about your experience and wants to hear about what his stores did right and, more importantly, what they are doing wrong. That way he and his team can work to improve, and ensure piping hot pizza, excellent customer service and efficient delivery for each and every order.


Kaedyn has been with Domino’s for 11 years, and has been the proud franchisee of Domino’s Rotorua and Domino’s Koutu for more than three years. However, Kaedyn isn’t always proud of the Domino’s experience that some customers get. Whether it's a poorly topped pizza, bad customer service or a late delivery, Kaedyn cares if his customers aren’t getting the best products and best service. Which is why he is working to improve his stores through extra training and reaffirmation of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

+ Paul & Lisa O’Leary - Franchisees

Franchisees of the New Plymouth store, Paul and Lisa O’Leary are proud to run their own business and provide excellent customer service. They recently took over the management of this store and from the beginning have been committed to ensuring their customers receive piping hot pizzas, decadent desserts and succulent sides, exactly how they like it. They have been working hard with their new team to ensure that each order is made perfectly, delivery is fast and efficient and that all customers receive the best customer service. They care about the experiences of their customers and would love to know if there is anything they can do to improve.

+ Elizabeth Miller - Franchisee

Elizabeth Miller has worked for Domino’s for eight years, and has always been very passionate about the brand. She met her husband because they worked at Domino’s together and now they are the franchisees of both the Bethlehem and Bureta stores. As a franchisee, Elizabeth knows her businesses can excel when she has the support of her customers. This is why she is ensuring that her and her team take care in making each order perfectly so customers get the best experience possible. If they haven’t had a great experience, Elizabeth wants to find out why, so she and her team can improve to make sure the next time is perfect.


We're Listening


At Domino’s, we care about your experience and welcome any feedback, both the good, and the not-so-good.

We’d love to hear from you about anything regarding your pizza order – if we don’t know about it, we can’t improve on it to ensure you get the best experience every time. 

Every locally-owned store has a satisfaction guarantee, and you can call them on 0800 30 40 50. If you are not satisfied, or unable to reach them: